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Upshot Now #3

Upshot Now #3

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JUN200986 (W) Various (A) Various

Looking to catch up on Upshot's May releases? This massive, specially-priced volume re-presents these titles in black and white. This includes the debut issue of the supernatural crime thriller Old Haunts from Ollie Masters & Rob Williams & Laurence Campbell. Full second issue: Benjamin Percy & Ramon Rosanas's globe-spanning look at the Zombie Apocalypse, Year Zero. Full third issues: J. Michael Straczynski & Mike Deodato Jr.'s origin story for a new shared universe in the superhero epic, The Resistance; Michael Moreci & C.P. Smith's supernatural espionage thriller Archangel 8. Third issue preview pages: Jason Starr & Will Conrad's noir horror thriller of border paranoia taken to the limit, Red Border; John Lees & Dalibor Talajic's horror anthology, Hotell. As a bonus, this volume also includes a preview of the debut issue of Grendel, Kentucky.

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